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Carbon Steel Paella Pan 24″ – 19 Servings

Carbon Steel Paella Pan 24″ – 19 Servings

Made in SPAIN

Long life

Easy to clean

Suitable for alimentary firewood, gas & oven

Available in different sizes

Dimpled base to allow the oil to collect in the centre

Fast and even heat distribution

Dual riveted handles for a comfortable, secure handling



19 Servings

Easy to clean


Cold touch handles


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With your new Magefesa paella pan, you´ll discover how easy and fun it is to prepare a wide variety of delicious paellas to savor inthe company of family and friends.
Originated in the rice-growing region of Valencia, paella was first cooked by farmers and field workers as an outdoors lunch-time meal. Rice was bulked up in a large shallow pan with whatever was at hand around the countryside: Tomatoes, onions, chicken, snails, rabbit and beans. Over time, paella´s popularity spread past Spain´s borders with many regions adding their own twist.
Paella then evolved into more of a festive dish, including different varieties of seafood, meat, sausage and vegetables.
Traditionalyy cooked over an open fire, today it can easily be prepared at home on your kitchen stove top using a smaller version of the pan.




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